UR10e Image

Automating Production Using the UR10e Cobot

We are thrilled to announce the recent acquisition of the UR10e Cobot at Marne Plastics! This medium-sized and versatile cobot is starting the process of redefining part of our manufacturing process. The focus of this cobot from Universal Robots is going to be automating the process of making breathers, which is one of our highest volume parts. The UR10e’s long reach, high payload, and collaborative features make it an ideal addition to our facility and ensure easy integration with our operators.

There are some specific features that the UR10e has that make it a standout solution. The size, long reach, and capacity makes it capable of handling diverse tasks with our production line. Our goal is to elevate productivity levels and enhance flexibility in day to day operations. Entrusting the task of breather production to the cobot will free up valuable human resources for other more complex tasks.

The collaborative ability of the UR10e to work alongside our operators creates a harmonious and safe environment for our team members. As we prioritize both efficiency and safety, this cobot proves to be an ideal companion in our manufacturing processes, ensuring that human-robot collaboration is not only possible but also enhances overall productivity.

With breathers production now automated, Marne Plastics can strategically redistribute our labor force. This reallocation of human resources optimizes efficiency and significantly improves our bottom line. The UR10e plays a pivotal role in this transformation, allowing us to focus on tasks that demand human expertise while the cobot handles repetitive functions.

Investing in automation also opens up opportunities for workforce upskilling. Marne Plastics plans to send key team members through external training and certifications, empowering them to operate and manage the UR10e effectively. This not only enhances the skill set of our workforce but also positions us to explore and implement further automation initiatives in the future.

The UR10e from Universal Robots has seamlessly integrated into Marne Plastics, driving automation in the production of breathers and unlocking new levels of productivity. As we continue this transformative journey, we are not just automating tasks; we are reshaping our workforce, optimizing operations, and positioning ourselves at the forefront of innovation in the manufacturing industry. The UR10e is more than a cobot; it’s a catalyst for positive change, propelling Marne Plastics towards a future marked by efficiency, collaboration, and sustained growth.